Proper Way to Frame a Jersey and Make it Last!

Framed Hockey Jersey

Of the many years we have been in this industry, we have never seen our share of jerseys damaged from improper handling and framing.  We have seen it all - tape, glue, cutting, slicing and trimming portions of the jersey and/or related artifacts to make the framer's job easier.

Framing a jersey, a ball, puck, etc. involves know-how of the framing process.  Doing this correctly involves the expenditure of proper materials, labor to do the correct components in mounting and framing.

Nationals Doolittle Jersey before the World Series

If you are opening a sports bar and framing randomly unsigned and/or noncollectible jerseys, then maybe proper museum framing isn't what you are after.  You may need just the frames to provide an atmosphere for restaurant patrons only.

But, if you purchased an incredibly significant jersey signed by the MVP scoring touchdown after touchdown, and you were at most of his games; then, you want your treasure to last many years without any issues.

Properly framing important jerseys involve: 1) Right mix of all the conservation materials to do the job, such as 99% UV glazing, 100% cotton rag materials and the needed mounting supplies to protect the jersey, 2) Correct and experienced knowledge in building strip side lifters, mounting the jersey and placing in the glass or acrylic so it remains a firm fit, and 3) Using a sturdy wood frame to contain all of the components within it.

Soccer jersey and signed artifactsAs a collector, know the sports dealer or seller you are buying the framed jersey from. What materials did they use in the framing process? How was the jersey mounted? Was 99% UV glazing used?

These are all important factors as they take part in whether the jerey will last many years or start falling apart once framed.  That's right!  We have taken apart framed jerseys that commercial grade adhesives like glue and tape was used on the jersey.

The only way to remove the jersey was by damaging and/or tearing it so we advised the customer to either take it to a textile conservator (which would be very expensive) or see if there is any recourse from the original seller.

Remember, your jersey will be framed in a sizeable frame and give you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Don't go to a fly by night or arts and craft chain. Go to someone who really knows what he or she is doing and understands your compassion.