Touching History!

As a child, history always fascinated me.  Studying Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and through modern American history held a special place in my heart.  Knowing how our ancestors lived made me think and take in what they endured throughout history.

My interest in world and American history enamored me with historical documents, ancient coins and other fine antiquities and collectibles.  When I own a coin dated during Alexander the Great's reign (about 330 BC), it gives me a rush of excitement wondering who touched this coin.  My thoughts ponder as to if the person who held/spent this coin met or spoke with the ruler.  Maybe even the ruler himself!

When you touch a coin with rulers or other historical figures from ages ago, there is a very strong chance the person was alive during the minting and circulation of the coin, especially if it's noted to be a "lifetime issue".  Sounds so surreal, doesn't it?

Likewise, when I have a document signed by George Washington, I know for a fact he not only signed it but he also held it in his hands and viewed it with his own eyes. Owning a document signed by Albert Einstein or Susan B. Anthony also brings thrills of history and excitement. Take someone who faced adversity, such as Frederick Douglass.  When he wrote or signed documents or letters, the issue of being a slave must still be fresh in his mind.

No amount of movies, textbooks or lectures will ever give you same thrill or deep thought as these signed letters or documents by notable people.  These items have actually seen history and involved people who were in the depths of historical happenings.

Heard the common phrase If these walls could talk?  Well, these documents do talk!  Each letter or signed document has a reason for its existence. As a matter of fact, many letters are written by many famous people expressing their thoughts, views, opinions and their current events.  Just read their writings and find out.

Whether it's an old coin, historical autograph, antique map or whatever,  every historical creation has its reason for existence and may have famous people or events connected to it.  And the time since their creation many critical events occurred.

When you acquire that certain antiquity or genuine collectible, you get lost in history and wonder what that item has seen.  It certainly happens to me and I never get tired of the fascination.