When The Stock Market Plunges, And Fear Takes Over

As I write this blog, several things occur to me during this uncertain time of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic gripping our nation.

First, people are running scared given the financial markets rolling wild swings like a roller coaster.  A 750 point swing was a 75 point swing last year.  Second, people are more and more wearing face shields/masks to prevent transmitting the virus.  Third, looking out my office window has turned from a bustling active Saturday to one that is dismally quiet and calm.  I can even make out the casual conversations as people walk by. 

Fourth, people invent activities to do when stuck inside.  As a matter of fact, a friend sent me a hilarious video showing short exaggerated clips of people stuck indoors. And lastly, toilet paper rolls and hand sanitizing lotions are exceeding the price of gold.

Well, my last point may be facetious, but when you go to any grocery store or drug store aisle, those areas bear empty shelves.  The same reaction you see prior to a devastating tornado or hurricane making landfall. 

My blog isn't about Covid-19 and its repercussions on society, but more like using this time to catch up on personal work or enjoying and learning a new hobby.

The stock market falling reinforces in us that putting all or most of your cash in equities, debt instruments, even precious metals is risky.

Enjoy some of your money and learn about our past in doing so.  Buy an antique map of a country or area you have been to or where you were born.  Acquire a letter or document of your favorite historical figure. Or, an ancient coin and imagine where it has been.

Historical artifacts, whether ancient coins, historical autographs or antique maps should never be purchased as investments, but rather as areas to put extra money to enjoy and gain a new endeavor.  If you buy right (meaning you should buy quality and not rush). and what you enjoy, after time collecting, you realized you may have built a little nest egg doing what you enjoy.

After years of collecting, I still enjoy what I have bought and found I enjoy travelling more and learning very encouraging.  For example, when I buy a letter from the French and Indian War, I am anxious to travel to that area and learn about what happened there and imagine the events occurring.

And, I go online and desire to learn more.

So, spend some of this extra time learning about your past or your favorite era and buy a few items related to that.  Escape and fantasize about the histories involved and what life was like back then.

And, come into the real world when it's safe to do so!