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Our 100% Cotton Rag Matting

100% Cotton Rag Fiber Matting is the highest quality matboard available to museum professionals, conservators and the framing industry. These mats are classified as museum grade by archival organizations and have a pH between 7.8 and 9.0. These matboards exceed the conservation standards for matting and backing boards as set by FACTS and the FATG. These boards are acid free, alum free and lignin free. They also have no chlorine and are buffered with calcium carbonate. In other words, professional and curators require such high grade material for their important museum collections. Is you diploma worth this treatment?

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Did you know?

How is our diploma framing process different?

Typical Diploma Frame

- Faux finish made from low quality materials

- Minimum grade "acid free (NOT)" wood pulp matting

- Low or non-filtered UV Glazing

- Materials manufactured overseas but assembled domestically

- Many corporate hands wanting a slice of the pie leading to overpriced diploma frames to the students ir their loved ones

- Expensive considering the quality of the frame

Our diploma Frame

✅ 100% True Museum Grade Frames

✅ Genuine wood frames found in many high end art galleries

✅ 99% UV filtered Glass or Acrylic used by museums, libraries and paper conservators

✅ 100% Cotton Rag matting - highest quality matboards available on the market

✅ 100% Cotton rag backing with an additional layer of archival outer backing

✅ Glazing, mattings and backins are Made in the USA by industry known manufacturers.

✅ The majority of our frame woods are harvested (grown), milled and finished in the USA

✅ Complies with environmental sustainable practices

✅ Handcrafted and assembled in Virginia under the care and oversight of Rick Badwey

A lower price point for you

Museum Framing offers you these high quality frames at a lower price because we don't have to split the profit with the college/university nor a middleman. We sell direct to you!

Better quality than a typical college store diploma frame

Our diploma frames are sourced from the finest materials and manufacturers in the marketplace. The materials we use for our diploma frames are the same materials we use in framing rare and priceless works of art.

Experience that you can trust

We have been active in museum organizations, lectured on preservation applications and have written a variety of related blogs and articles for over 30 years.