Our 100% Cotton Rag Matting

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Did you know?

How is our framing process different?

Typical Frame Stores

- Faux finish made from low quality materials

- Minimum grade "acid free (NOT)" wood pulp matting

- Low or non-filtered UV Glazing

- Materials manufactured overseas but assembled domestically

- Many corporate hands wanting a slice of the pie leading to overpriced diploma frames to the students ir their loved ones

- Expensive considering the quality of the frame

Our Frames

✅ 100% True Museum Grade Frames

✅ Genuine wood frames found in many high end art galleries

✅ 99% UV filtered Glass or Acrylic used by museums, libraries and paper conservators

✅ 100% Cotton Rag matting - highest quality matboards available on the market

✅ 100% Cotton rag backing with an additional layer of archival outer backing

✅ Glazing, mattings and backins are Made in the USA by industry known manufacturers.

✅ The majority of our frame woods are harvested (grown), milled and finished in the USA

✅ Complies with environmental sustainable practices

✅ Handcrafted and assembled in Virginia under the care and oversight of Rick Badwey