Why we provide high quality Museum Grade Framing at reasonable prices!

As a long time collector and dealer of historical autographs, antique maps and ancient coins, it has always been my goal to protect and preserve items in our care.

Before venturing into the framing business, I patronized a local framing business to frame my artifacts. These items were sold to other dealers and collectors.

It wasn't until one late night, about 35 years ago, that I received a call from a collector. A framed civil war ensemble I sold him had a couple of the components coming apart.

Not only that - the framer I used applied masking tape to the items!

To say I was shock was an understatement. At this point, I confronted the framer and angrily stated what he did to my framing job. He was speechless, but not apologetic.

To the customer, I profusely apologized for the horrible job and redid it at my expense.

After several tries of visiting other local framers and experiencing an array of issues and troubles, at this point, there was no alternative but to start my own framing business.

That was 1989. We are now in 2022 and nothing has changed!

The only difference now is that small mom and pop shops are being put out of business by the big box Arts and Crafts stores.

Many of these big box stores employ people with very little or no actual conservation framing experience.

For routine posters, dorm room art or other unimportant short lived art, big box stores are OK. If there prices are real.

But, for sentimental, valuable and other important items, only trust an experienced framer with the knowledge and ability to care for your art. And, who knows the proper materials and techniques to use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Rick Badwey

 (703) 299-0100 or  Rick@MuseumFraming.com